Now your VPN can do more

Due to the specificity of KelVPN blockchain architecture, we don’t have the ability to collect and store user data, such as name, age, preferences, precise location, IP, and any other personal information by which a user can be recognized.

Have a true internet freedom

Now your VPN can do more

Privacy isn’t a luxury; it’s an inalienable human right.
Have a true Internet freedom.


KelVPN applies advanced data protection practices such as onion routing and data packaging. This safeguards your information from hacking – say confidently NO to your constant fears for the safety of your bank card details, personal information, and passwords.


We don’t use servers as ordinary VPN services do. KelVPN is based on disseminated nodes that can locate anywhere. Our nodes may be on a notebook, a private server, a smartphone. It makes us very flexible – if your current node has problems you may change it immediately. As well as you can choose the nearest node with the highest speed.

KelVPN Servers


All billing plans include:

  • Have a true internet freedom No registration required on the website or in the application
  • Have a true internet freedom Complete anonymity
  • Have a true internet freedom Pay with cryptocurrency or credit card
  • Have a true internet freedom Login to the application with a license key
  • Have a true internet freedom Available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android
  • Have a true internet freedom 24/7 Live Support
  • 1 Month

    per month

    Billed $4.98 once

  • 12 Months

    per month

    Billed $35.88 once

  • 6 Months

    per month

    Billed $26.88 once

Have a true internet freedom

Your Traffic Has No Tail

Try the first decentralised blockchain-based VPN. It doesn’t rely on a central point of control and cannot collect logs, spy or sell your data

Have a true internet freedom

Military-Grade Encryption From The Future

Quantum-safe cryptography protects you even from supercomputer attacks. In 5 years it will be a standard according to National Institute of Standards and Technology

Have a true internet freedom

No Cyber Borders

Get unlimited access to video, music, social media, and more, from anywhere in the world

Have a true internet freedom

Faster Than Your Internet

Advanced routing algorithm can make your Internet connection even faster. The shortest is not always the fastest


How does your VPN differ from other well-known brands, many of which are free?

Well-known brands have been on the market for many years. During this time, they were inevitably compromised. There is no doubt paid VPNs share traffic data with the relevant government services. Free VPNs sell user data to all interested parties and profit from this.
People who are seriously concerned about their security and anonymity don’t use the market leaders. Our VPN is intended for a small audience – true connoisseurs of network security and anonymity. Our advantages are blockchain architecture and modern post-quantum encryption, which guarantee the full anonymity and high-level security of users.

Blockchain is just for PR. How do you really differ from Tor and other decentralized networks?

Blockchain plays a key role in our VPN. Indeed, there are other decentralized networks, including Tor and I2P. Our blockchain is closer to the Bitcoin network in terms of decentralization. More accurately, our blockchain is a hybrid of Orchid, Cosmos, and EOS, but without smart contracts. However, with smart transactions and blockchain services, one of which is KelVPN. All KelVPN servers communicate with each other via blockchain and distributed hash tables – DHT. The blockchain allows you to optimally redirect traffic between servers and obfuscate it.

Can someone find out what I was doing on the Internet?

This is extremely unlikely. In our VPN, entry points and users are separated from each other. In other words, users’ IPs are separated from traffic, which is extremely difficult to analyze. And this complexity of traffic analysis will increase along with the growth of the VPN network. To decrypt such traffic, synchronous efforts of the security services of several countries are needed. This situation is hardly possible.

What data do you collect about users?

In our privacy policy, we don’t store and process your email, login, and password in order to provide you access to KelVPN services. You need only a 16-symbols key to get access to KelVPN.

Who is behind KelVPN?

We are a private startup Demlabs Ltd. We’re passionate about quantum physics and Internet security. When Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey in 2017 we took action. We created an instrument that helps people to maintain freedom of information. It is Cellframe – the blockchain protocol with post-quantum encryption. This technology is the core of KelVPN

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at If you like to know more about Cellframe follow us at Telegram

When is the iOS application available?

Our team works hard to deliver as soon as possible. ?an you send us your request at so we could contact you when it’s released?

Why is blockchain VPN better?

It is decentralized. Unlike other VPNs, it doesn’t have a central point of control. KelVPN combines the traffic of many servers that have become nodes. All your traffic is distributed between different nodes of the network to provide you with the best speed. This also means that decentralized KelVPN cannot collect logs, spy or sell your data.

Why is your VPN safer than others?

It has quantum encryption on board to protect your private data even from supercomputer attacks. We also developed our own modules for tunneling traffic. It helps to avoid errors and other vulnerabilities that other VPNs have.

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