What's new

KelvinVPN [7.4-6] - 2023-03-22

Updated Cellframe SDK

Added “share logs” feature, enabling users to send logs via messengers or save them to a local disk

Smoothed out collection and display of traffic statistics

KelvinVPN [7.4-3] - 2023-02-27

Fixed the issue of not being able to restore the application from the tray

Fixed the issue of not displaying pings in the server list

Fixed the issue with opening the link to the Telegram support bot (in Google Play version)

KelvinVPN [7.4-1] - 2023-02-20

Added an auto-update feature

Fixed the issue of requesting ping information too frequently

Made some revisions to application styles

Fixed the centering of elements in the settings list

KelvinVPN [7.3-25] - 2023-02-16

Fixed the issue when the contact address provided was not included in the bug report

Added an FAQ section

Added a notification about data usage for the upcoming Google Play version

KelvinVPN [7.3-24] - 2023-02-15

Fixed the issue that appeared when resetting the license key

Changed the link to the Telegram support bot

Fixed the scaling issue on certain displays

Fixed the issue of bug reports being sent without system information

Fixed the issue of not being able to toggle between menus

Fixed various UI issues

Fixed the issue of missing VPN activation slider

Fixed the issue of not being able to cancel the sending of a bug report

KelvinVPN [7.3-23] - 2023-02-09

Added a feature to download an update package

Added a feature to switch between menus by swiping

Added a feature to include contact information when sending a bug report

Fixed the issue that prevented the creation of log files on Android 12 and higher

KelvinVPN [7.3-22] - 2023-01-25

Fixed the issue of continued connection to the server after resetting the license key

Fixed the issue resulting in the auto-server not being displayed

Fixed the issue when a chosen country was not displayed in the settings

Fixed the issue as a result of which it was possible to choose two servers from the available list

KelvinVPN [7.3-21] - 2022-12-02

Fixed a bug where the Auto server disappears

Fixed a bug where there is no country designation in the settings

Fixed duplicate server bug in server list

KelvinVPN [7.3-20] - 2022-11-30

Buttons in dialog boxes have been enlarged

Fixed a bug with the appearance of an empty server in the list of servers

Fixed text centering in input fields

Fixed transition to the purchase page when clicking on "Get new license key"

KelvinVPN [7.3-19] - 2022-11-28

Fixed the appearance of an extraneous symbol on the authorization page after resetting the key

Added an email input field when sending a bug report

Fixed incorrect behavior when trying to maximize a window

KelvinVPN [7.3-18] - 2022-11-24

Fixed UI display issues

Fixed creation of a log file in a new day

Fixed initial server selection error after the first installation of the application

Fixed extraneous text appearing when going to the "Send Bug report" page

KelvinVPN [7.3-17] - 2022-11-19

A new qml engine has been added, which has greatly improved performance on Android smartphones. The interface no longer freezes (slows down), it has become smooth and responsive

A new scaling has been added — adapting the application to the screen size

Added the ability to select a country to generate a list of auto-servers based on the selected country, as well as the ability to change the country in the settings

Now when submitting a bug report on Android, the user can select an image from the gallery to attach to the bug report

Optimized logs. Creating logs has become more stable

Added a new list of servers. Each server now has an indicator that displays the quality of the connection to the server and the ping when you hover over it. Added sorting of the list of servers by connection quality

Optimized the tray application, synchronization of the list of servers and selection of the current server

KelvinVPN [7.2-57] - 2022-11-04

Fixed bug when resetting license key [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-56] - 2022-11-04

Fixed issue with creating service log [crossplatform]

Fixed the problem of entering numbers into the license key input field [crossplatform]

Significant auto-build changes [crossplatform]

Tray application optimization [crossplatform]

Optimization of synchronization between the tray application and GUI [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-55] - 2022-11-03

Optimization of message output to the log [crossplatform]

Changed log file location to var/log/ [linux]

KelvinVPN [7.2-54] - 2022-10-19

Fixed error when submitting a bug report [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-53] - 2022-10-19

Fixed post-install scripts [crossplatform]

Fixed error when attaching an unsupported file to a bug report [crossplatform]

Fixed bug with changing log file when changing date [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-52] - 2022-10-11

App signature added [MacOS]

Fixed a bug that caused the tray application to launch twice [crossplatform]

Fixed the position of the button to exit the list of servers when changing the server [crossplatform]

Fixed context menu in bug report input field [crossplatform]

Fixed error when starting application [linux]

KelvinVPN [7.2-50] - 2022-09-19

Fixed log generation [android]

Now the country can be changed from the settings

Added a label with the current country in the settings [crossplatform]

Now the server status is updated when opening the list of servers [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-48] - 2022-09-06

Removed unnecessary dependencies [linux]

Fixed notification content [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-47] - 2022-09-01

Minor changes to country search field [crossplatform]

Small visual interface changes [crossplatform]

Added tray app for macOS [macos]

Fixed initial-launch error [android]

Added click animation when copying a key from key history [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-46] - 2022-08-30

Fixed permissions in log folders [linux]

Now the input focus is automatically set to the input field when opening the list of countries [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-45] - 2022-08-30

Added a field to search for a country from the list [crossplatform]

Minor changes to bug report list and license key history [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-44] - 2022-08-26

Eliminated unnecessary server list requests [crossplatform]

Fixed server list sorting [crossplatform]

Small changes in the list of countries [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-42] - 2022-08-20

Added functionality for selecting the current country, on the basis of which the list of auto-servers will be formed [cross platform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-41] - 2022-08-15

Now each server in the list has a connection quality indicator: the delay for this server is displayed when you hover over it [crossplatform]

Added auto-server and auto-region server [cross platform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-39] - 2022-08-11

The ability to change the server during connection is disabled for Linux, macOS, Android. The server change functionality is available for Windows.

KelvinVPN [7.2-38] - 2022-08-04

Fixed crash when getting bug report status [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-36] - 2022-08-04

Minor changes to license key entry [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-35] - 2022-08-02

Fixed permissions in the log folder [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-34] - 2022-07-31

Unavailable servers will no longer appear in the server list [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-33] - 2022-07-27

Fixed autobuild errors [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-34] - 2022-07-26

Unavailable servers will no longer appear in the server list [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-26] - 2022-07-21

Improved mechanisms for processing after installing the application; creating a group for KelVPN; creating working areas [crossplatform]

Fixed icons for license key history [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-25] - 2022-07-18

Fixes for utun driver errors on MacOS

Fixed error in sending bug report [android]

Fixed dialog size adaptation error [crossplatform]

Fixed GUI log creation error [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-24] - 2022-07-14

App build: internal fixes [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-21] - 2022-07-12

Added ability to delete bug reports from history [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-20] - 2022-07-11

Small corrections to the screenshot attachment buttons [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-19] - 2022-07-08

Fixed the problem of attaching a screenshot [Android]

Fixed error with the "connect" button [CrossPlatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-18] - 2022-07-06

Small internal assembly changes

KelvinVPN [7.2-17] - 2022-07-05

MacOS version [MacOS]

Fixed text entry issue when submitting a bug report [crossplatform]

Fixed output of remaining license days [crossplatform]

Fixed error in attaching screenshot to bug report [crossplatform]

Added statuses for bug reports [crossplatform]

Minor visual changes [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-16] - 2022-06-29

Fixed reset serial key dialog [crossplatform]

Fixed sending error output to login screen [crossplatform]

Fixed sending error output to the dashboard screen [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-15] - 2022-06-22

Added “Synchronization” state before GUI gets data from service about connection status [crossplatform]

The VPN power on button is now unavailable during an already established connection to avoid bugs [crossplatform]

Fixed the color scheme of the context menu [desktop]

KelvinVPN [7.2-14] - 2022-06-22

Added the ability to add images to bug report [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-13] - 2022-06-17

Fixed minor graphical bugs [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2-10] - 2022-06-08

Added new icons at the OS panel

KelvinVPN [7.2-12] - 2022-06-06

Added new system for bug-report packaging [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.2] - 2022-05-26

Added the icon at the OS panel. Now users can manage VPN via it without using application interface [desktop]

Improved graph display in the Statistics window [crossplatform]

Fixed installation errors using Ubuntu Software [ubuntu]

Improved visual display [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.1-9] - 2022-03-14

Implemented a key management system when purchasing via GooglePlay [Android]

KelvinVPN [7.1-6] - 2022-03-02

Added confirmation while switching the server [crossplatform]

Fixed issue with displaying the serial number input field when the key is already activated [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.1-4] - 2022-02-22

Added the ability to delete bug reports from history [crossplatform]

Added dark theme [crossplatform]

Added animation when switching between screens [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.1] - 2022-02-05

Implemented the ability of purchasing a license key at Google Play [Android]

Re-build the Statistics window [crossplatform]

Added the key history at device [crossplatform]

Added the sent bug reports history at device [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [7.0] - 2021-10-05

New interface design [crossplatform]

Refactored the internal interface engine [crossplatform]

Added the response of GUI if there is no installed TUN driver [Windows]

Fixed the bug with missing application icon [desktop]

KelvinVPN [6.4-3] - 2021-07-01

Serialization and key-handling fixes, dup error fixed [crossplatform]

Added error codes [crossplatform]

Fixed the bug with bug reporting window that would open the bug report window again (instead of main window) after pressing the close button [crossplatform]

Added scalability of app to screens with different dpi [desktop]

Added feature that notifies user about new version of app [crossplatform]

Added the ability to reset the license key in settings tab (without the changing of expiration date of key) [crossplatform]

Fixed the bug with the password recovery window [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [6.3-3] - 2021-06-15

Fixed connection errors [crossplatform]

Fixed server list download [Android]

Removed duplicates from the servers list [crossplatform]

Fixed highlighting of two items in the list of servers [Windows]

Fixed bug with displaying the number of typed characters when message field is empty [Android]

Fixed the quality of the bug report sending animation [crossplatform]

Fixed the appearance of the dark screen [Android]

Now the application is not minimized when you minimize the keyboard [Android]

Fixed the default language on the first start of the application [Android]

Fixed the positioning of the pipe [Android]

Fixed connection status after license key reset [Android]

Fixed storage of license keys for the device [Android]

Added disappearance of the placeholder in the error message field [Android]

Fixed Chinese localization [Android]

Changing the language now does not close the application [Android]

KelvinVPN [6.1-38] - 2020-04-11

Improved reliability and quality of connection [crossplatform]

Improved user interface, fixed minor bugs [desktop]

KelvinVPN [6.1-23]

Added the ability to reset the serial key in the application settings [crossplatform]

Added display of the server name if you choose the automatic server selection option [crossplatform]

Fixed automatic restart of the service [crossplatform]

Fixed application crashes when you switch the language in the settings menu [Android]

KelvinVPN [6.1-12]

Fixed issue with displaying connection information and bugs in the settings menu [Android]

KelvinVPN [6.1-0]

Added the ability to buy a key [crossplatform]

Added country flags to the server selection menu [desktop]

Added localization to other languages [crossplatform]

Login / password authorization is disabled. Now connection is via a serial key [crossplatform]

Changed the interface of the Android version of the application [Android]

Fixed problem with displaying content on some devices [crossplatform]

Added more informative labels in the application [crossplatform]

Fixed an issue applications crash [Windows]

KelvinVPN [6.0-8]

Fixed problem with displaying content on some devices [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.1-11]

Special symbols support in the password [crossplatform]

Fixed password deletion issue when hide/show password icon used [Android]

Fixed issue with the app minimisation [Android]

Fixed issue with the password hide [Android]

Implemented bug reporting/feedback facility on the application account page [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.1-0]

Fixed issue with the app freeze while switching the server in the stat view [crossplatform]

Fixed issue with the default language [Android]

KelvinVPN [5.0-113]

Fixed system tray icon display [crossplatform desktop]

Fixed freeze on the login window if wrong credentials were entered [crossplatform]

Fixed Dashboard Disconnecting freeze issue [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.0-100]

Fixed missing information about the server on the connection view [Android]

Fixed crash of the main app window [desktop]

Email input in a bug report section issue is resolved [Android]

“Server Down” message is removed when a Disconnect button user [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.0-90]

Fixed an issue when the app was minimising if there is no connection [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.0-82]

Fixed the disconnect issue which caused freezes [Android]

Fixed issue with a server selection (deadlock after the sign up) [crossplatform desktop]

macOS launch fixed

KelvinVPN [5.0-76]

Fixed data formatting and control size [Windows]

Fixed a cursor issue [crossplatform desktop]

Connection stability improvements [crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.0-68]

Controls formatting fixes

Stability improvement. Server availability error

KelvinVPN [5.0-64]

Credentials storage issue resolved [crossplatform]

Server list browsing performance increased [Android]

KelvinVPN [5.0-60]

Stat page reconnect issue resolved [Win, MacOSX]

KelvinVPN [5.0-55]

Interface issue with narrow, tab and space buttons resolved [Linux]

Bug report message formatting [Ubuntu 20]

App GUI crash after reconnect resolved [Linux]

Password field formatting/alignment [Android]

KelvinVPN [5.0-54]

Connection break after tab/space buttons usage. Resolved [Win]

Credentials removed after manipulation with tab and space issue resolved [Win]

Sign In window text formatting [Win]

Registration form link is broken. Resolved. [Win]

Added return button on the server selection view [Win]

4x icon replaced to 5x [Win]

KelvinVPN [5.0-50]

Pop-up list with servers was not closing. Resolved [Android]

KelvinVPNService/DiveVPNService service start issue resolved [Win]

Settings button inactive button replacement [Win]

KelvinVPN [5.0-36]

App GUI crash after the reconnect [MacOSX]

KelvinVPN [5.0-35]

Screen refactoring

Code refactoring

KelvinVPN [5.0-33]

Bug report, FAQ, Settings, Back icons formatting[Android]

Server Name title formatting [MacOSX]

Connection to the server is missing issue resolved [MacOSX]

Multiple App GUI issue resolved [Ubuntu;Debian]

Navigation between stat view and other app views issue is resolved [Crossplatform desktop]

Bytes Sent and Bytes Received values swap [Crossplatform desktop]

Added server connection indication [Crossplatform]

KelvinVPNService logs issue resolved [Ubuntu;Debian]

Server connection error resolved. [Crossplatform]

KelvinVPN [5.0-31]

Active window title colour change [Crossplatform desktop]

Account button fixed on the stat view [Crossplatform desktop]

Wrong password message error display [Crossplatform desktop]

App text formatting [Ubuntu; Debian]

Connection stat window fix [Crossplatform]

Connection is lost if the app has been closed. Resolved [Android 7.0]

Login is not disappeared in the case of the app closure. Resolved [Android 7.0]

Authorisation error message is not disappeared. Resolved [Android 7.0]

Email error instead of connection issue. Resolved [Android 7.0]

Incorrect password issue connectio. Resolved [Android 7.0]

KelvinVPN [5.0-30]

Screen refactoring

Code refactoring

KelvinVPN [5.0-29]

Full-size display issue resolved [MacOSX]

Connection stat issue resolved [MacOSX, Ubuntu, Debian]

KelvinVPN [5.0-23]

Icon Kelvin 4.x replaced on [Ubuntu 20]

Welcome screen sign up button has been removed

Login page formatting

KelvinVPN [5.0-22]

App GUI crash issue when the app is moving to LoginCtlConnecting state. Resolved

Graph movement issue resolved

"Forgot password issue resolved, KelvinVPN 4x

Access permission issue is resolved

KelvinVPNService restart issue is resolved

KelvinVPN [5.0-18]

Duplicate field for email issue is resolved

Desktop icon replacement

KelvinVPN [5.0-17]

Desktop-platform performance improvement

KelvinVPN [5.0-16]

E-mail error message issue resolved [Win 10/7]

Kelvin 4.x icon fixed on Ubuntu, Debian

Authorisation page server names corrections

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